The Online Game Internet Attraction Review

Reviewer: Chase Chandler
Rating: Very Good
Product Reviewed: The Online Game Internet Attraction System

This Is The ONE Guide That Continues To Bring Men and Women Together on Facebook Each and Every Time!

The Online Game Internet Attraction System by Derek Lamont is the first of its kind. Yes, it covers online dating tips in general, but it is very unique for one special reason. It covers the untapped potential of social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. The Online Game Internet Attraction System

A New Frontier

This is the first time I’ve seen someone cover meeting women through these mediums.  And this is surprising! Facebook alone has over 65 million active users with approximately 250,000 more members signing up each day.  It was only a matter of time before this would become a venue for men and women to meet.  Derek Lamont is at the forefront of this movement.

I was very impressed with his innovation to put his dating skills and integrate it with social networks Facebook and MySpace.

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Facebook’s popularity is in its infant stages and has become a brand new way to meet people, especially attractive women and to connect to them like no other generation before us has.  It opens the doors to meeting new people and to new possibilities.

It links people who normally wouldn’t even say hi to each other let alone may never have ever met one another.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of this untapped resource and to get an edge early in the game.

A Pioneer

Derek Lamont has been in the online dating game for a while including traditional sites such as, and the other popular dating websites.  However, he has recently shown that Facebook is another great place to meet girls.  The Online Game Internet Attraction System creates a whole new niche for meeting girls on Facebook and Myspace.

The Online Game Internet Attraction System discusses and provides:

  • Marketing yourself online and how to treat your profile like an advertising piece
  • How to approach women online and make a great first impression
  • How to create your profile and get a lot of hits
  • Sending messages to girls
  • A lot of example samples to learn from
  • Advice and information about the all-important initial phone contact

The system is 200+ pages packed with information regarding online dating for a total of 22 chapters. Derek Lamont’s Online Game Internet Attraction System contains 2 chapters devoted to social networking sites, primarily Facebook.  This guide in itself is a product on its own which talks about a “Facebook Pickup Method”.

Since these are new age tips and information the system is regularly updated to ensure you get the most up to day advice and pointers.

As bonuses for signing up and trusting in his product Derek Lamont includes:

  • FREE Personal Coaching E-mail Support for a Month
  • BONUS e-Book – 101 Romantic Ideas by Oprah Expert, Michael Webb
  • BONUS e-Book – Three Keys To Seducing Any Woman
  • BONUS e-Book – The Secret to Getting Her Back
  • BONUS e-Book – 7 Simple Steps To A Better Body
  • FREE Lifetime Book Updates

OVERALL: If you want to venture to the online dating game, this e-book is THE ONE you need to read.  It covers all the DO’s and DONT’s of online dating and greatly increases your chances of meeting that special girl…or girls…

Click Here for a Free Trial of The Online Game Attraction System

The Online Game Internet Attraction System


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