Talking to Girls

If you still find yourself having trouble talking to girls, or even having the courage to go up to talk to girls, here is a great way to shake it off.

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Playing off tip #2, have confidence.  So much confidence that you tell yourself that this girl, without even speaking to her yet, is into you.  Imagine that she LIKES you!  Even go so far as to remember that you are already her boyfriend and she is your girlfriend.  (Of course, don’t do it in a creepy way telling her that you ARE in fact her boyfriend when you are not, I trust that you’ll use correct judgment when I explain this part.)

Play the part in your mind that she is already your girlfriend and that she likes you already.  Playing this in your mind is going to help it manifest its way into the real world.  You must wholly believe this in your mind and thoughts and this my friends is going to help you go up and talk to that special girl.

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This is going to allow you most importantly to approach girls and have the confidence while talking to girls.

Tip #3 on talking to girls, imagine that she already HAS A THING for you and that you are each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend!

Here’s a topic not many people want to put in the same article, let alone sentence, with talking to girls, rejection.  That’s right rejection.  We as men, must get over the fear of this word.  Reject the fear of rejection.  When talking to girls, or thinking about talking to girls, we sometimes decide its best to not even try rather than to get rejected.  Then, we go through a whole process of punching ourselves in the face regardless because now we have the ‘what if?’ thoughts.

Now if you think about it, these feelings are equally as bad.  However, the ‘what if?’ thought gives no chance of hope where as if you do get rejected, you can say, “oh well, that wasn’t so bad, at least I tried and I survived.”  Or in most cases you’ll end up happily saying, “rejection? What rejection?” as you just allowed yourself to have a great conversation with a girl fully realizing you had nothing to fear in the first place.

Tip #4 on talking to girls, don’t fear rejection! Reject the fear of rejection! Stop replacing those fears with the ‘what if’ question, they both weight just as bad in terms of feeling like a failure. So give yourself a fighting chance and actually talk to girls!

These tips hopefully are going to break you out of your shell and allow you to have the confidence and conviction to talk to girls.  Talking to girls isn’t so bad once you realize there was nothing to fear in the first place.  Remember to converse with people as much as possible, have confidence in yourself, imagine that she already likes you, and not fear rejection!

Once you have all that pat down and set, you are ready to learn advanced tips on how to keep a girl interested in a conversation, that’s where the real fun begins! Page One Of Talking To Girls…

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