Signs That A Girl Likes You

Does she like you?!? Well well well…wouldn’t YOU like to know…

…and if she DOES LIKE YOU, doesn’t it just get more complicated after that… for example, how can you be sure to make her CONTINUE to like you?

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Wouldn’t we like to have Mel Gibson’s special powers in the movie “What Women Want”? It would take much of the guessing work when we are looking for those signs that a girl likes you!  Most of us are not savvy or brave enough to ask a girl bluntly if she digs us, doing so might even hurt our chances with a girl!

Be Sure She Likes You

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Knowing to understand the subtle signs a girl likes you can help you in future instances when you want to know if you are making a great impression on a girl.

As of right now, you may not be aware of some of the tell tale signs such as if she talks on a personal level to you, is always around you, has jealousy glances when you talk to other women, or when she talks to you about relationships and the clues all of these signs provide to you as a man.

What this article is meant to explore and provide is a guide for you to know a few of the signs that a girl likes you.

Have you ever noticed a woman you aren’t too close to talk about her personal issues going on in her life? Well if you have and thought nothing of it, think again! This quite possibly may be a sign that a girl likes you. She is comfortable enough to speak to you about her personal issues while also trying to connect with you on a deeper level.

Connect Consciously

Do not take this as just ordinary conversation, she is trying to create a deeper connection with you and she obviously wouldn’t make that effort with just anybody.  Remember this next time this occurs and remember that this may be a tell tale sign that she likes you!  If you have not reached this point with a woman but it still seems that though she tries to continue the conversation with you, this may be a more subtle kind of sign, but a sign nonetheless.

The Axe Effect

If a girl is always seemingly around you and striking a conversation with you, this may be another sign that she likes you.  Girls usually tend to play hard to get and make boys come to them.  They don’t want to be the conversation starters or be to obvious hanging around a specific guy.

So if you find yourself in this rare situation, understand that this is a RARE situation! A girl is showing interest if she hangs around you most of the night and trying to keep the conversation alive.  If you’re still not convinced, mention other girls in the room or ones that she knows.  Check to see if she gives you any jealous glances.

Jealous Much

A simple and harmless test to see if a girl likes you is to give her the ‘jealous glance’ test.  Here’s what you do, when you are talking to the girl in question mention or point out a girl in the room and compliment her on anything.  Now, see if the girl acts jealous or has anything bad to say about the woman you just mentioned.  Even a roll of the eyes can be a sign she is getting jealous.  She many unconsciously start to stutter or talk fast, she maybe even change the subject.

These are all candidate signs that she likes you.  If you think that is too bold I’ll give you one more indication that she may be feeling you.

Watch this video: “10 signs that a girl likes you” created by a girl herself…

I Don’t Mean to Pry But

If a girl asks you if you have a girlfriend and is curious about your relationship status, she might as well be saying, “I like you”.  More times out of less, this is a sign that a girl likes you and she is showing interest by asking you these personal questions.  She doesn’t want to waste her time talking to a man whom is engaged or presently dating.  Take this a sign that things are going well between the two of you.

Obviously these are only a few tips to look out for, as there are many more signs a girl can throw at you.  One common theme we see here is that she never wants to put herself in a vulnerable situation making sure as to not be obvious.  If you have a feeling that she likes you, chances are your gut instincts are right.

All of these are signs that a girl likes you.

Picking up on these signs can help you in the future next time you encounter one of these with a girl.

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