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The Facebook Pickup Method

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Facebook has helped me meet so many new girls I NEVER would have ever had the chance to encounter.

You NEED to take advantage of this social network NOW! And learn how to make a lasting first impression when you decide you want to meet girls on facebook.

From personal experience, I’ve have had the opportunity to meet up with girls in my area not possible without Facebook.  Facebook is a great way to meet attractive girls.  What’s also great is that you can plan the kind of action you are going to take once you find a girl on facebook you’d like to meet successfully.

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If you don’t think Facebook as a way to meet girls, think again.

There are many advantages as to why it would be a good idea to meet girls on Facebook:

  1. You have a clean line of communication – It is just between you and the girl without having to weave your way through her friends or any other guy trying to talk to her.  There is an imaginary line connecting the two of you whenever you communication through Facebook or MySpace.
  2. The quality of women is definitely higher on Facebook and MySpace that traditional dating sites such as or – This is because women don’t see this as a traditional dating site nor is it in the most conventional sense. Girls sign up to Facebook to posts pictures and to keep in touch with other people.  The great thing about Facebook is that it connects people around you whom you probably never would have even though existed.  It is probably the biggest online community and it is all at the hands of your fingertips for your pleasing.
  3. Facebook is so new that people haven’t even begun to tap its potential for dating – If you learn how to utilize Facebook properly you can get an edge of other guys before they start to realize that this is a new way to meet girls online.  Be a pioneer and start your adventure to meet girls on Facebook!

Whether it’s a classmate you haven’t seen in long time, the girl that got away, or a complete hot stranger, here are a few tips to remember when wanting to meet girls on Facebook:

Bad Profile Picture Quality –
You have to look at your profile picture like an advertising space.  Don’t just post anything up there and waste your space.  Try to accomplish a feeling of fun and a social atmosphere to you when choosing a picture.  Try adding a picture with you and a hot chick (which helps another girl to determine that you are a catch and of high value) or with good-looking people.  That validates your worth and shows you know how to have a fun time.  To meet girls on Facebook is all fine and dandy, but our goal here is to get them attracted to us.

Post On Other People’s Wall – But turn off feature where it shows your wall posts activity. You don’t want to be a Facebook whore so wall post without the announcement to the world.  Posting on people’s wall is going to ensure that you yourself get posts in return.  Someone’s wall that his heavily posted on shows that you are popular and have many friends who find your company worthwhile.  This is a great way to meet girls as well as you’ll get your profile out there on other peoples pages.

Leave Your Relationship Status Blank –
You want to keep an air of mystery to you so instead of putting ‘single’ leave it blank so women have to wonder if you are single or not.  In addition, never put ‘it’s complicated’ as that gives the impression that you are a drama queen, and no girl wants to deal with a drama queen.  If you are serious to meet girls on Facebook you’re going to want to do this.

Never Put Yourself Down For Any Reason On Facebook – Never put yourself down on your profile page.  Always make sure you show you are a fun guy to be around and that you know how to take life with an optimistic approach.

Facebook and MySpace have become new mediums to meet girls and to have a chance to connect with them.  These social networks have over 65 million users combined with over 250,000 new registrations each day. You’re telling me that you can’t meet girls on Facebook with those odds?

These are some of the fascinating Facebook tips you can use when meeting girls online.  There are much more in-depth tips you can learn when meeting girls on Facebook but this is a great way to start off your online dating success stories!

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