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When you think alpha male what comes to mind? Money, girls, power, the life you want.

The Truth Is…

Truth is, not all alpha males possess that in reality. But the difference here is that they believe they have all that in their grasps within their minds. Someone who comes off as an alpha male is one who has mastered his ‘inner game’.

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They stay relaxed, act slower, and control the situation, giving the appearance that they are important.   This reflects out on to other people’s opinion about them.

If you want to become an alpha male, learn to do these things and learn to master your ‘inner game’.

To become an alpha male begins with your attitude. Learn to stay relaxed and to not let anything worry you.  You can’t change anything by just worrying so why bother worrying at all.

Be fun and energetic without a care in the world and this will already propel you as a more interesting person than one who just worries all the time.  Nobody likes to be around a worrywart. In addition, if you are one who worries all you are going to attract are the same type of people, and who wants to meet a worrier.  Women want a warrior not a worrier when it comes to looking for a male companion.  Learn to stop worrying. Be energetic in your everyday routine and in life.

Alpha males move with a purpose. If you want to become an alpha male you must keep this in mind.  Remember to act slower, move slower and speak slower.  OK, don’t look like that girl on girl scene you watch in slow motion but rather move with a purpose.

The key here is to be moving at your own pace. Show that you aren’t moving at all the other betas pace but skipping to your own beat.  When moving your head, do it in a cool collected manner.  When speaking, speaking in a tone where people will understand you and you don’t sound so hyper.  Remember to not look so eager when doing anything.

Confidence! Confidence! Confidence! Have confidence, become an alpha male.  You must get your mindset around this concept.  Being confident on the inside will help you shine confidence on the outside.  Take the sun for example. What consists of the sun’s core in basic terms.  Blazing hot sunlight. Well, what do we see from the sun? Blazing hot sunlight.

This is all part of mastering your ‘inner game’.  If you don’t have money, girls, power, or anything else that you believe that attracts women, that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to become an alpha male.

If you have a will to change and a personality then you are that much closer to becoming an alpha male.  I know I sound like a broken record but first you must master your ‘inner game’.

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