Attraction Formula Review

Reviewer: Chase Chandler
Rating: Very Good
Product Reviewed: Paul Janka’s Attraction Formula

“If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere” – Frank Sinatra “New York, New York”. The Attraction Formula was tested and created by a guy living in New York City. Attraction Formula

21st Century Techniques

And with his attraction formula, he’s made it there in terms of dating women. In fact, he’s made it there time and time again boasting about the number of women he has slept with using the information contained in his new ebook, “The Attraction Formula”.

His name is Paul Janka, and is probably a relatively new name to be heard in the dating scene. You’ve heard of people like Mystery, Savoy, and Neil Straus but Paul is quickly making a name for himself. Proclaiming to be underground and not part of ‘the community’ he has been featured on Dr. Phil, the Today Show, the New York Post, and various other national syndications.

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Newcomer Janka Reveals All

Janka has paved his own road to dating success and is quite refreshing to hear a new voice give direction. Reading his guide, my first impression is that it’s not for everybody. Most dating experts like to create a guide that is going to reach to the most audience as possible (to earn most sales of course) but Janka’s ‘Attraction Formula’ is less general and more targeted.

His guide focuses on day game mostly and isn’t something to be used for nightclubs and bars. Although you can apply the information found in the guide in bars and lounges, it is primarily for one’s day game. The term ‘day game’ applies to meeting women in natural places such as a coffee shop, marketplace, and school.

He doesn’t teach people openers and how to keep a conversation going. He believes in keeping interaction short and sweet. He is going to teach you anything about how to have a full on conversation with a woman or how to keep a conversation going.

National Syndication

Here is the author of Attraction Formula, Paul Janka, on NBC’s Today’s Show:

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What he is going to teach you in the Attraction Formula, is the most effective way in terms of speed in getting a woman’s phone number and from there, getting her back to your house or apartment.

If you are looking for a girlfriend and a long term relationship, this may not be the best book to invest in. Janka has claimed to have slept with over 170 women throughout his dating career and really is the definition of a player.

Instead, if you want to know how to be a player, this IS the book for you. Janka takes no junk from any woman and doesn’t believe in chasing them, in true player style.

The book is broken down into 6 sections:

  • I. PREPARATION: Philosophy and Mindset
  • II. ENGAGEMENT: Bringing Her into Your Reality
  • III. MIDGAME: Moving Beyond the Digits
  • IV. SEXUAL LOGISTICS: Making It Happen
  • V. RELATIONSHIPS: The Final Frontier
  • VI. LUXURY PROBLEMS: Consequences of the Player Lifestyle

“The Attraction Formula” could have also been appropriately named “How to be a Player in the Big City.” From the looks of it, this guide is best used for the guy living in a big city such as Atlanta or New York.

OVERALL: What “The Attraction Formula” teaches is to focus and improve on your ‘inner game’ to best attract women and get them back to your place. This book is not for beginners and is more geared toward intermediate and advanced men. Janka uses natural game in his book so if you believe you are already naturally good with women, I highly suggest this book to bring your game to the next level and women back to your apartment.

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