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Dating has been a staple in society ever since the first couple Adam and Eve! Back then, Adam had an advantage because he was the only man in existence when trying to attract Eve. Now, it’s your turn to beat Adam to Eve as you have an edge in the dating game.

This site’s sole purpose is to help you recognize all you are and to turn that luck around with the opposite sex.

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Here is a snippet it from one of our topics:

Letting her know you are interested in her more than being “just friends” – this factor is very important. I hear a lot of guys thinking that they will be able to move out from the “friends zone”. So they think that all they need to do is get close to her as “just a friend” then later on they can escalate the interaction into a romantic level. Well, unfortunately, this is not the case! Why? Because the “friends zone” is similar to the “abyss” it’s like hell. Once you’re “just a friend” there’s no way in hell you are able to get out. The reason for this is because she does not class you as a potential sexual partner from the get go. So if you want to change this precedent from the start, it’s next to impossible. That’s why it’s so much easier if you just let her know that you are not interested in being “just friends”. You can be that “special friend” who she considers as “just a friend… for now” because later on you are able to move into the “sexy friend zone”.

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